Monday, 17 Sya'ban 1440 / 22 April 2019

Monday, 17 Sya'ban 1440 / 22 April 2019

DPD Honorary Board to summon Arya Wedakarna

Rabu 13 Dec 2017 19:34 WIB

Rep: Mabruroh, Mutia Ramadani, Amri Amrullah, Puti Almas/ Red: Reiny Dwinanda

Arya Wedakarna

Arya Wedakarna

Foto: Republika/Mutia Ramadhani

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, JAKARTA -- Chairman of Regional Representatives Council (DPD) Honorary Board Mervin Sadipun Komber said, Arya Wedakarna will be summoned immediately. Nevertheless, he could not mentioned the exact date yet. 

"We will summon him immediately," Mervin said when contacted on Wednesday (December 13).

According to Mervin, the case of alleged call for intimidation initiated by Arya, a member of Regional Representatives Council (DPD) from Bali, province has drew public attention. Moreover, Arya's act impacted to the sensitive part of the nation's. 

Therefore, Mervin will have a coordination meeting to process the report filed by PKB politician and House of Representatives member from Riau province, Lukman Edy.

Lukman considered, Arya was the mastermind behind demonstration against ustaz (Muslim preacher) Abdul Somad in Aston hotel, Denpasar, Bali, last weekend.

Lukman explained, ustaz Somad is a role model to many people in Riau province.

"We can't accept if ustaz Somad must feel intimidated. Many of Riau citizens disturbed by the case," said Lukman on Tuesday (December 12).

Lukman expected that Honorary Board of DPD RI will impose firm warning or even dismiss him disrespectfully as a member of the Council. He assessed, Arya's move can trigger chaos ahead of regional election (Pilkada) and Presidential Election in 2019.

In his report, Lukman listed a number of evidences, namely a screenshot of Arya's Facebook page from last December 1 to 3.

There were related photos of sweeping action against the symbols of Islam. In addition there were also clipping article HIV / AIDS, New Model Jihad in Bali? which is published in the Tokoh tabloid edition January 9-15, 2012.

A number of members of youth mass organizations that called themselves as Bali Citizens Component (KRB) refused the presence of ustadz Somad in Bali. Ustadz Somad was invited to attend the da'wah safari event in the province.

The mass members was less than 100 people, which consist of Laskar Bali, Banaspati, Patriot garuda Nusantara (PGN), Perguruan Sandhi Murti, and other youth mass organisations, confronted ustadz Somad at Aston hotel, Denpasar.

The mass also held demonstration. It was ended with mediation. However, the incident that happened to ustaz Somad was considered as a form of intimidation.

Provocative statement

According to Parisada Hindu Dharma Indonesia (PHDI) Bali province, the Hindu's organization has warned Arya for many times. They reminded Arya not to be provocative and ruin the harmony between Muslims and Hindus.

"We have talked with Pak Arya for many times. We asked him not to cause misunderstanding. As long as people from outside Bali did not interfere, do not disturb them," PHDI Bali chairman, I Gusti Ngurah Sudiana said.

Furthermore, Sudiana said, Arya has been warned to stop such provocation. He even asked Arya not to claim his statement was spoken on behalf of Hindus or Hinduism.

 "Do not bring Hindu into his private issue. We're, the Balinese Hindu, not like that. Obviously, I'm objected if he speak on behalf of Hindu," he said.


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