Friday, 7 Zulqaidah 1439 / 20 July 2018

Friday, 7 Zulqaidah 1439 / 20 July 2018

Ridwan HS introduces math without numbers in Philippines

Rabu 15 November 2017 03:14 WIB

Rep: Gita Amanda, Reiny Dwinanda/ Red: Reiny Dwinanda

Raden Ridwan Hasan Saputra, suprarational motivator.

Raden Ridwan Hasan Saputra, suprarational motivator.

Foto: Dok istimewa

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, DAVAO CITY -- Suprarational Motivator Raden Ridwan Hasan Saputra introduced math without numbers to teachers, principals and team leaders of countries participated in the International Teenagers Mathematics Olympiad 2017.

The audience were fascinated with Ridwan's explanations.

"Parents have been taking a wrong assumption about the meaning of good at maths. They thought math is mere of science of counting. Children who are good in counting then assumed to be good at math," Ridwan said during the sharing session attended by 120 participants of the Suprarational in Teaching Math for Teacher in Davao City, Philippines, on Friday (November 10).

Ridwan explained, the essence of mathematics is not about counting, but agreement on the rules. He called that as "mathematics without numbers".

In assessing maths, he said, the students are expected to agree and follow the rule. 

If they do not want to get punished or resulted with wrong answer, the students should not brake the rule.

In real life, Ridwan added, the students are also expected to be obedient to the rules and mutual agreements. 

"Math without numbers would teach students to be law-abiding, normative, and uphold moral values," Ridwan remarked.

According to Ridwan, moral attitude and obedience to the rules are concrete manifestation of the level of spirituality and emotional intelligence.

"Parents who teach good norms and moral values in early stage of childhood essentially have taught math without numbers to their children," Ridwan reiterated.

"Norms and moral attitudes is more important to be taught and educated earlier than learning mathematical content. When children learn good moral attitudes, their reasoning capability will increase and it will be easier for children to understand mathematics lessons (math with numbers) in their schools," said the President Director of MIPA Clinic to the seminar participants.

Virgil Y. Batos, one of teachers participated in the seminar very interested in the science of suprarational presented by Ridwan. She believed, applying suprarational way of thinking would made teachers able to provide best learning services for students.

Teach it wholeheartedly so that students can be helped to more enjoy and understand math lessons, she said.

"Mathematics is not difficult, if the teachers have various strategies and good teaching attitudes. That's the most important lesson I get from Pak Ridwan presentation," Virgil said.

Meanwhile, a principal named Concordia S. Talaid expressed excitement over suprarational way of thinking presented by Ridwan. Talaid said, the knowledge is very useful and has updated her understandings in teaching math and ways to indulge students to love maths.

"I agree, the fulfilment of children's needs are not only concerning their body, but also their soul," Talaid said.

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