Saturday, 8 Zulqaidah 1439 / 21 July 2018

Saturday, 8 Zulqaidah 1439 / 21 July 2018

Qatar keen to import 10 types of Indonesian goods

Jumat 11 August 2017 16:35 WIB

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Supermarket in Qatar.

Supermarket in Qatar.

Foto: AP

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, JAKARTA -- Qatar has submitted a request to import 10 types of goods from Indonesia in the near future, President of the Indonesia-Qatar Business Council Hendra Hartono stated.

The request was submitted through the Indonesian Embassy in Qatar.

"The 10 types of additional goods are not part of the main products we usually export. They are stationery, paper, furniture, chicken, briquettes, packaged food, fresh fish, garment products, sewing machines, and medicines," he noted at a press conference in Jakarta on Thursday.

Hartono said 10 types of additional goods have huge potential to be imported from Indonesia. He expressed hope that the exports of the requested products would be realized soon, as other countries are also eyeing similar opportunities.

Competitors, such as Vietnam, Malaysia, or Thailand, are also said to keep a close watch on the export opportunities in Qatar.

"They benefit from the closer distance. It is our problem, but we also have an opportunity since we have a superior product, such as cement," he remarked.

Chairman of the Permanent Committee on the Middle East and the Organization of Islamic Cooperation of the Indonesian Chamber of Commerce and Trade Fachry Thaib said the potential to export to Qatar is still huge. Moreover, several countries have imposed sanctions on Qatar amid preparations for the 2022 World Cup event.

Despite the crisis, Thaib views it as a business opportunity to boost exports. Although exports continue, he remarked that as a result of the blockade, exports to Qatar could not be carried out through Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, thereby causing an increase in the goods' delivery cost.

"As a result of the blockade, Qatar could only import our goods via Oman or Iran, through Dubai, but there is an increase in the logistics costs, though not significantly. The cost of delivering a container, which is US$1,400-1,600, for instance, has increased to $1,800-$2,000 per container," he noted.

The cost hike can still be compensated with the high selling value. Moreover, he claimed to have gained potential buyers.

"Indonesia is neutral, so there is no need to be afraid of exporting to Qatar. We should seize this opportunity. If Malaysia seizes it first, we will surely be disappointed. After all, Qatar also judges us due to fraternity as a fellow Muslim country," he stated.

In 2016, the value of Indonesia's exports to Qatar had reached $900 million. Until mid-2017, the value of Indonesia's exports to the country was recorded at some $700 million. Continued efforts to boost exports are encouraged, so that the value does not go down, especially with the crisis plaguing the country.

Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, the United Arab Emirates, and Egypt have severed diplomatic ties with Qatar due to the country's relations with Iran. Qatar and Iran are believed to support terrorist groups aimed at disrupting peace in the Gulf. The four countries also view Qatar's links with the Muslim Brotherhood Ikhwanul Muslimin organization as a threat.

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