Kamis, 6 Zulqaidah 1439 / 19 Juli 2018

Kamis, 6 Zulqaidah 1439 / 19 Juli 2018

Govt to disband several mass organisations

Jumat 11 Agustus 2017 03:02 WIB

Rep: Dian Erika Nugraheny, Puti Almas/ Red: Reiny Dwinanda

Tjahjo Kumolo

Tjahjo Kumolo

Foto: Setkab.go.id

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, JAKARTA -- Indonesian Minister of Home Affairs Tjahjo Kumolo explained in the government will disband some another mass organizations in the near future. He said, it was not mass organisations which has national-scale.

Tjahjo stated the government has been monitoring activities of those mass organizations for some times. The government believed several mass organization perform radical activities. 

"We have been monitoring for about two years and already knew about the mass organisations which in that area (radical). It has not national scale and many of them are small organisations," Tjahjo told reporters at Ministry of Home Affair Office, Central Jakarta, Thursday (August 10).

According to him, the information about that mass organizations was collected from the Directorate General of Politics and Public Administration Ministry of Home Affairs. In addition, a number of information from the police and prosecutors also showed similar things.

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"But we can't open information about the mass organisations which included in our category because we need more accurate data," he explained.

Furthermore, Tjahjo explained, the form of mass organizations that are planned to be disbanned had contra ideology to the state. He also said it was not related to religion.

Lieu of law (Perppu) No.2/2017 on Mass Organizations was signed by President Joko Widodo on July 10.This law gives the government the power to disband an organization without due process. It also prohibits any organization to adopt and spread an ideology contradicting Pancasila.

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