Saturday, 8 Rabiul Akhir 1440 / 15 December 2018

Saturday, 8 Rabiul Akhir 1440 / 15 December 2018

Kertajati Airport to be complete in two years

Selasa 21 Jun 2016 22:10 WIB

Rep: MGROL70/ Red: Julkifli Marbun




REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, BANDUNG -- PT International Airport West Java (BIJB), is optimistic that the development of Majalengka Kertajati, can be completed within a period of two years according to expectations of President Joko Widodo.

According to the Director of Engineering and Development at PT BIJB Yon Sugiono Kahf, if the target is reached, this will be the first airport in Indonesia that is built within two years.

"Hopefully this will be the first airport in Indonesia to be built within two years. Perviously, larger airports like Kualanamu only took six years to build," said Yon Sugiono Kahf, met after signing the MoU with Local water company of Majalengka, Bandung, Tuesday ( 21/6).

According to Yon, in the first year of operation namely in November 2017, PT BIJB targeted that it can accommodate 2.7 million passengers. With the entry at the airport of Citylink with West Java’s citizens, then the target will be achieved. Because of the number of passengers of 1 million per year has already been held.

“Inshallah, we are optimistic that the target of 2.7 million passengers in the first year of operation of Kertajati can be achieved," he said.


Yon said, now a subsidiary of Garuda Indonesia, PT Citylink has become the first airline that will fly from the Kertajati airport, Majalengka. Thus, with this cooperation it will also speed up development.

Yon said, the capacity of the airport will have three runways that could reach up to 5 million passengers. However, in 2019 along with the later development of this city aero department it will then be targeted to be able to accommodate up to 10 million passengers.

“With this PT BIBJ will offer an airport service in North Sumatra similar to those of international airport," he said.

Currently, he said, the development of  Kertajati International service packages will have accessibility to the airport built by PT Adhi Karya that has reached 25 percent and expected to be completed more quickly than the package of two major new terminal that has reached 5.7 percent.

Then, three packages supporting the buildings will be completed by three percent. "From the developments in the field during May 22, we are optimistic about the targeted development," he said.

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