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LIPI targets to find 20 new biodiverse species in 2016


REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, JAKARTA -- The Indonesian Institute of Sciences (LIPI) is targeting to identify at least 20 new biodiverse species, particularly belonging to the flora, fauna, and microorganism categories, in 2016, LIPI Deputy Chief Prof. Enny Sudharmonowati stated.

"The aim to find 20 species is a rational target. But, probably, the LIPI researchers will work hard to exceed the target even though the funds are limited," Sudharmonowati noted after the launch of a LIPI document (IBSAP 2015-2020) here on January 21.

The professor said the 20 new species were expected to be found during an NKRI 2016 Expedition in the West Papua corridor.

She suggested that various sides involved in the expedition such as students and government officials should undergo training on the current species in the inventory.

The training is important, so that stocktaking of the species could be carried out correctly based on a scientific method and to ensure that the species could be examined and identified accurately.

Enny remarked that discovering new microorganism species was important as various forms of bacteria could be found in the leaves and trunks of plants that could be extracted and used for medicinal purposes.

According to data provided by LIPI, Indonesia has about one million plant species, the stocktaking of which had been conducted since 1841 by the Herbarium Bogoriense.

In the meantime, the Zoologicum Bogoriense Museum houses a scientific collection of animal specimens reaching three million animal species, which have been collected since 1819.

LIPI had admitted to not having complete data on the identification of species found in 74 varied ecosystems in Indonesia. So far, the state could have only identified 30 percent of its fauna species and 50 percent of its flora.

Therefore, research to identify the abundant biodiversity is of paramount importance and needs funding support and qualified human resources.

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