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TNI to build 17 additional border posts in Kalimantan

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TNI for border posts (ilustration)
Foto: Antara
TNI for border posts (ilustration)

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, BALIKPAPAN -- The Indonesian Military (TNI) plans to add 17 border posts in areas located in the East and North Kalimantan provinces that share their borders with Malaysia.

"The construction of the posts is intended to declare the presence of the state and to provide security to the Indonesian people living in areas bordering the neighboring country," Chief of the VI Mulawarman Military Regional Command Major General Benny Indra Pujihastono remarked here on Wednesday (Dec. 17).

The military command is tasked with monitoring the border that stretches 1,038 kilometers from northeast to southwest of Sabah and Sarawak States of Malaysia.

Currently, the Indonesian Army already has 33 posts. The addition of new posts next year will enhance its monitoring efforts in the northern area of the homeland.

"Besides this, we also have two battalions from units of other regional commands deployed in the border areas," Benny said.

The 433 Airborne Infantry Battalion and 413 Infantry Battalion along with 892 personnel of the Mulawarman Military Command are guarding the border areas to prevent illegal activities.

There are 15-20 soldiers each stationed in the 33 posts to guard the border. The budget needed for the construction of new posts will be derived from the 2015 State Budget.

The Army has been monitoring the border with its personnel deployed in 33 posts spread from Nunukan District in the northeastern part of North Kalimantan Province to the headwaters of River Boh in Schwanner Mountains located in the northwestern part of Malinau District and the northwest tip of Mahakam Ulu District.

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