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Senin, 11 Syawwal 1439 / 25 Juni 2018

Survey: 84 percent Indonesians want direct elections

Rabu 17 Desember 2014 16:53 WIB

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REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, JAKARTA -- A survey by Lembaga Survei Indonesia (LSI) showed that 84.1 percent of Indonesians prefer direct elections for regional leaders with only 5.8 percent wanting elections by the regional legislative assemblies (DPRD).

Under the new Indonesian law passed recently by the House of Representatives (DPR), regional leaders including provincial governors, district heads and city mayors, are to be elected by DPRD.

However, before stepping down from power, former President Susilo Bambang Yuhotono issued a presidential regulation in lieu of law (Perppu) calling for the annulment of the new law to maintain a direct system of election by the people.

The Perppu debate is to be held in January with the majority of the DPR factions have stated agreement to give back their votes for direct election.

"The result of the survey showed the vast majority of the people want to maintain the previous system of direct election despite the political elites are split," said the executive director of LSI Dodi Ambardi here on Wednesday.

The result of the survey held on 25 October through 3 November, 2014 was relatively the same as one held by the same agency in February, 2012.

The survey in February 2012 showed that 86.7 - 87.8 percent of the respondents favored direct elections.

Based on the results of both surveys political tendency of the majority of politicians at DPRD did not reflect the aspiration of the majority of the people, Dodi said.

Before the presidential election, the faction at DPR were split into two big coalition called Red and White Coalition (KMP) that supported indirect regional election and Great Indonesia Coalition KIH), which favors direct elections.

KMP represents the majority at the DPR but its candidate Prabowo Subianto was defeated in presidential election by Joko Widodo (Jokowi) the candidate supported by KIH.

Dodi said obviously the split in the political attitude at the elite level did not reflect the political aspiration of the people, who favor direct election.

LSI also held a survey on presidential elections that showed that 89 percent of those casting their votes for Jokowi prefer direct election, 78 percent of those giving their votes for Prabowo also favor direct election.

The country still maintains direct election for president and vice president.

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