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Bosnian archaeologists: Indonesia has pyramid

Rabu 14 May 2014 12:52 WIB

Rep: Stevy Maradona/Mutia Ramadhani/ Red: Julkifli Marbun

Semir Sam Osmanagich

Semir Sam Osmanagich

Foto: [ist]

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, JAKARTA -- Bosnian archaeologists, Semir Sam Osmanagich concluded that Indonesia had pyramid after visiting Mount Padang megalithic site in Cianjur on Tuesday. Osmanagich said that Mount Padang, which had been known as punden berundak in Indonesia was a type of pyramid.

"The word of pyramid is not only referring to sites in Egypt, Mexico and South America," Osmanagich said.

Pyramid is a word describing the geometric shape or a building with a square base and conical peak or smaller than its base. Pyramid is not only limited to what has been imagined by public in Egypt or Mexico. Pyramids are scattered around the world as an ancient culture.

Pyramid was built by smart people who mastered the technology and understood the environment also the energy around it, such as in China, Sudan, Cambodia, Canary Islands, France, Bosnia and Herzegovina. Osmanagich spoke in a discussion on Wednesday at Mandiri Hall, Jakarta. He gave a presentation about the cultural phenomenon of pyramid around the world.

Osmanagich said that he was the first inventor and researcher at a pyramid site in Bosnia. Bosnian pyramid is located in a small town, Visoko, about 30 minutes drive from Sarajevo. There are four pyramid covered by trees. One of them is the oldest in the world, more than 29 thousand years ago with 207 meters high.

Bosnian pyramid is the first pyramid in Europe, which has complex tunnels. Osmanagich admitted that his discovery became a controversy among archaeologists and historians of Europe. It was because the European historical books did not inform about pyramids in European history.

"I understand this fact surprising to them because they have to rewrite the history related to the pyramids in Europe," Osmanagich said.

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