Sabtu, 9 Syawwal 1439 / 23 Juni 2018

Sabtu, 9 Syawwal 1439 / 23 Juni 2018

Sharia Economic Community offers jobs for Alexis workers

Kamis 02 November 2017 16:02 WIB

Rep: Sri Handayani Puti Almas/ Red: Reiny Dwinanda

Alexis hotel, North Jakarta.

Alexis hotel, North Jakarta.

Foto: Republika/Mahmud Muhyidin

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, JAKARTA -- Jakarta deputy governor Sandiaga Uno said, he has built communication with Sharia Economic Community (MES) to prepare jobs for former Alexis hotel and massage parlor workers. There was a discussion to hire the workers for sharia hotels, which were emerging in capital city.

"MES are willing to hire former Alexis workers," said Sandi at Jakarta City Hall, Thursday (Nov 2).

Jakarta Manpower office also tried to list the names of Alexis Group workers, especially those who owned Jakarta ID card. "They could also be recruited by other conventional hotels," Sandiaga said.

On the other hand, Sandiaga encouraged other hotels which have similar business model such Alexis to take the initiative to support or join with halal tourism. He hoped, Jakarta will be an icon of halal tourism in Asia.

According to him, sharia hotel business has been emerging in many cities in Asia, such as in Bangkok and Tokyo. He assured, Jakata would not be left behind.

Jakarta provinical government has recorded the number of sharia hotels in the city. Sandiaga said, there is a possibility to include sharia hotels in Jakarta Smart City program.

Earlier, Sandiaga said his administration would involve former Alexis workers in entrepreneurship training program known as the One District One Center of Entrepreneurship (OK OCE). 

About 1,000 workers have been laid off since Alexis hotel and massage parlor stopped their operation on Oct 31, since Jakarta provincial government refused to renew Alexis business permit. Alexis hireed 600 permanent workers and 400 part timers. They hired about 104 workers are foreign workers.


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