Senin, 15 Safar 1441 / 14 Oktober 2019

Senin, 15 Safar 1441 / 14 Oktober 2019

Anies not to trade city dignity for rupiah from Alexis tax

Rabu 01 Nov 2017 16:22 WIB

Rep: Sri Handayani, Fauziah Mursid/ Red: Reiny Dwinanda

Governor of DKI Jakarta Anies Baswedan

Governor of DKI Jakarta Anies Baswedan

Foto: Republika/Mahmud Muhyidin

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, JAKARTA -- Jakarta governor Anies Baswedan said, he will not compromise with businessmen in the entertainment industry who violate the rules. He promised to be strict as he did to Alexis hotel and Griya Pijat Alexis (massage parlor). 

"For those who violate the rule, you are welcome to feel uneasy," Anies said at the City Hall, Jakarta, on Wednesday.

Anies said, he did not care on how much taxes paid for the city. He admitted, every rupiahs they paid as taxes are worth for city income. But, he would not trade the amount of rupiah earned from Alexis by tolerating the violations.

"The cost of negligence is more expensive, a lot more bigger then rupiahs we count. We are saving something that is priceless. It's our dignity, the price of city order," he remarked.

Anies has observed, there were many similar places similar to Alexis and its massage parlor. Therefore, he would work in silence to check each of the suspected places.

"We have data. So, you better be ready," he said. 

Anies said, he wanted all hotels operate as it should. If not, he would not hesitate to revoke the lisence.

"If you are operating against the rule, you better stop it. We are firm about this," he reiterated.

Employees lay off

Chairman of People's Consultative Assembly Zulkifli Hasan believed Alexis could overcome problem related to employees lay off following closure of the hotel and massage parlor on Oct 31. 

According to Zulkifli, the income earned by Alexis was huge. Therefore, they would not face difficulty in solving the case of employees lay off. 

"They paid taxes Rp30 billion. So its turnover must be very huge. I believed they can handle their employees," he said at Parliament complex on Tuesday.  

Zulkifli appreciated Jakarta provincial government move to not renewing Alexis business permit. He said, the move is allign with noble values of Pancasila.

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