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Senin, 10 Zulqaidah 1439 / 23 Juli 2018

Discussions of state capital relocation reignited

Jumat 13 Desember 2013 01:07 WIB

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Kemacetan di Ibukota Jakarta

Kemacetan di Ibukota Jakarta

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, JAKARTA -- By. Otniel Tamindael

The long-standing discussions on the relocation of the Indonesian state capital from Jakarta to another area outside Java Island have reignited following the onset of the rainy season in November.

Annual flooding during the rainy season has repeatedly crippled Jakarta and hindered the smooth functioning of administrative and business activities.

The flooding has aggravated several existent problems faced by Jakarta, which conventional measures have failed to resolve.

Public services and government businesses grind to a halt every time floods lash the capital city.

In a bid to solve Jakarta's problems, the idea of relocating the state capital has resurfaced.

During a recent seminar on Tuesday, in Banjarmasin, the South Kalimantan Provincial Legislative Assembly (DPRD) Chairman Nasib Alamsyah stated that moving the capital to another location would not solve the problems.

"Relocation of the capital city to another island in Indonesia will not necessarily solve the problems of Jakarta," Nasib asserted before attending the DPRD plenary meeting in Banjarmasin.

He suggested that it would be better if the city of Jakarta remains Indonesia's capital. But, he believes it would be beneficial if some government activities are relocated outside Jakarta.

"We can solve the problems in Jakarta by relocating some ministries to other islands across the country," he said.

He suggested that the Ministry of Marine Affairs and Fisheries (MMAF) can be moved to the Maluku Province, the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources can be shifted to the Papua Province, the Ministry of Forestry can be relocated to Central Kalimantan, the Ministry of Social Affairs can be moved to East Nusa Tenggara, the Ministry of Environment can be relocated to South Kalimantan, and the Ministry of Trade can operate from the Riau Islands Province.

He said that shifting some of the ministries can resolve the issues plaguing the capital city. But, the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Religious Affairs, the National Police, Defense and Security Ministry, and the Presidential Palace should remain in Jakarta.

He added that the faster pace of development by the relocated ministries will be beneficial to the provinces.

The Golkar Party politician highlighted the importance of further discussions on the issue of relocating the capital city from Jakarta to another location outside Java Island.

"By relocating the capital, we do not want to give the impression that we are shifting Jakarta's problems to another city," he added.

The names of some Indonesian cities in Kalimantan, West Java, and Papua have circulated among the public following the discussions related to relocating the country's administrative center.

Some of the proposed cities at the time were Palangkaraya in Central Kalimantan, Jonggol in West Java, and Jayapura in Papua.

Some years ago, in an address to all provincial governors across the country at a gathering in Palangkaraya, Central Kalimantan, President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono stated that Jakarta Metropolitan City was already too crowded and hence not an ideal location to be the center of the national administration.

"Around 15 years ago, Jonggol in West Java was under consideration to be the new national administration center," the president stated.

The idea of relocating the center of administration from Jakarta to Jonggol in West Java was shelved as Indonesia was hit by a monetary crisis some years ago, said the president.

Over the years, the Jakarta Metropolitan City has become too crowded, and the idea of relocation should be reconsidered, added the president.

However, he stated that the proposed center should be in proximity to Jakarta for easy access.

As the city of Palangkaraya in Central Kalimantan is far from Jakarta, the idea of relocating the administration center was not feasible.

Palangkaraya city has a vast area and it is natural that the residents aspire to develop it into a bigger and better city, added President Yudhoyono.

Kalimatan Island is relatively free of natural disasters such as earthquakes and tsunamis, hence the president added that it was different from other areas in the country and ideal to develop Palangkaraya city.

Cirebon area in West Java enjoys a strategic location and is ideal to be the seat of the central government, former National Defense Forces (TNI) Chief retired General Djoko Santoso remarked over the weekend.

"Cirebon has the potential to be the seat of the central government as it is strategically located. Besides, it is well-connected to other high security areas from Java to Cirebon by Java's northern highway," Djoko Santoso stated.

Santoso added that the Cirebon area can be the capital city of Indonesia as an effective solution to common problems such as flooding and traffic jams that frequently plague Jakarta.

Cirebon should be considered the center of the government or the capital city of Indonesia in the future, a Losari politician, Abdul Khaliq Ahmad, earlier stated.

Abdul remarked that Cirebon deserves to be considered the center of the government because it has adequate infrastructure including a seaport and airport, coupled with good road access to other parts of Java Island.

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