Friday, 7 Rabiul Akhir 1440 / 14 December 2018

Friday, 7 Rabiul Akhir 1440 / 14 December 2018

Vote for religious leaders: Ustaz Abdul Somad

Jumat 22 Jun 2018 03:55 WIB

Rep: Sapto Andika Candra, Idealisa Masyrafina/ Red: Reiny Dwinanda

Ustaz Abdul Somad

Ustaz Abdul Somad

Foto: RepublikaTV
Ustaz Abdul Somad called on Muslims to use their right to vote.

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, PADANG -- Ustaz Abdul Somad (UAS) delivered his lecture in front of thousands of Padang residents in Masjid Raya West Sumatra on Thursday (June 21). In a grand semon with the theme "Building Brotherhood in the Political Year", he reminded the public to use their right to vote in the simultaneous regional elections in 2018 and 2019 and in 2019 presidential election.

UAS conveyed that Muslim's voice is currently being targeted by the parties who would want to achieve victory in the democratic party, given the enormous potential of votes donated by Muslims. He encouraged people to use their right to vote so that their leaders are truly able to fight for Islam.

He invited Muslims to really choose leaders who always remember the religion and ulama, and put the interests of the people.

"Use your voice to choose a religious leader, to help the ulama," he said.

UAS called on the Muslims to not let their voice become redundant by not voting (golput). He said that golput was same as betraying the people because other candidates will win with the lack of Muslim voice.

Ustaz Abdul Somad also briefly mentioned the parties who were recently often "come in and out" of the mosque in search of Muslim support. Not only that, he also regretted the idea that politics should not be discussed in the mosque.

"Ahead of the political year some people said to not bring Islam into politics.  Don't bring politics in mosque, they said. But, they come in and out mosque, wearing ustaz caps," said ustaz who originated from Riau, in his lecture, Thursday (June 21).

He reminded people not to be influenced by money politics and politics that lure people in a form other than money, for example, free hijab offering for Muslim women or other stuff. Such leader will try to get their money back during the first year of the term.

On the second year, they will seek money from project, and on the third year they will campaign for the next election.

UAS didn't mention any names or parties. He said it was just the nature of politic. "But, I believe that the congregation are smart people," he said.

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