Wednesday, 4 Zulhijjah 1439 / 15 August 2018

Wednesday, 4 Zulhijjah 1439 / 15 August 2018

People's power is very vulnerable to be politicized: Haedar

Selasa 05 December 2017 00:32 WIB

Rep: Issha Harruma, Idealisa Masyrafina/ Red: Reiny Dwinanda

Muslims gathered in Monas area, Central Jakarta to attend 212 rally reunion, on Saturday (December 2).

Muslims gathered in Monas area, Central Jakarta to attend 212 rally reunion, on Saturday (December 2).

Foto: Yasin Habibi/ Republika

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, MEDAN -- Chairman of the Central Board (PP) of Muhammadiyah, Haedar Nashir appreciated the 212 rally reunion which was held on Saturday (December 2) as a form of expression and to gather. 

However, he hoped, the strength of Muslims showed in the action could also be managed into a more productive activities. 

"Muslims and our nation need a better future projection. To achieve a better future, a collective work that can lead to a progress is needed," said Haedar in Medan on Sunday (December 3). 

Haedar said, last year's 212 rally was held due to the blasphemous statement of former Jakarta governor, Basuki Tjahja Purnama alias Ahok.

Muhammadiyah did not see any momentum to stage such rally at the moment. Therefore, Muhammadiyah did not participated in the reunion.

Haedar said, Muslims should be wary of groups that want to harness the power of the people, especially ahead of the simultaneous regional elections and the presidential election. The power of the people was very vulnerable to be politicized. 

He called on Muslims to be good at using time for more productive activities.

"At the same time, our nation has to move forward to catch up. We have to be more productive. The reunion was not unnecessary, but in our logic we have to do first thing first. This nation can be advance if it can be more productive," he said. 

Haedar said, it will be better for Muslims to start their participation in organizing the life of the nation by building a collective solidarity. Sense of solidarity should be created in order to build Indonesia better.

"72 years of post-independence, hundreds of years of colonialism and we can still unite and build the nation. Don't let the political process that is not well managed and ethnicity, religion, race, and inter-group (SARA) sentiment, made us lost the opportunity to build the nation, "said Haedar. (Idealisa Masyrafina)


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