Sabtu, 9 Syawwal 1439 / 23 Juni 2018

Sabtu, 9 Syawwal 1439 / 23 Juni 2018

Indonesian Council of Ulamas hails closure of Alexis hotel

Selasa 31 Oktober 2017 20:00 WIB

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Alexis hotel, North Jakarta.

Alexis hotel, North Jakarta.

Foto: Republika/Mahmud Muhyidin

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, JAKARTA -- The Indonesian Council of Ulamas (MUI) has expressed its support over the decision of Jakarta Governor Anies Baswedan to halt the extension of business permits of Hotel Alexis and its Griya Pijat (massage parlor).

"The decision is proof of his commitment to make Jakarta a city free of prostitution and other kinds of vices," MUI deputy chairman, Zainut Tauhid Saadi, told newsmen here on Tuesday.

The MUI stated that the decision had been in line with legal procedures and was really effective. It was officially put in the form of a Jakarta provincial administration decision to assure it has legal power and was executable.

MUI has called for monitoring and surveillance of the location and effective enforcement by security authorities after the closure.

"MUI also hoped that the policy will not only be effective for Alexis but also other hotels and amusement centers that offer prostitution and human trafficking," he stated.

He added that MUI was very concerned over the increasing activities that run counter to religious, ethical, aesthetical, and moral values such as free sex, same-sex relationships, pornography, narcotic drug use, human trafficking, prostitution, and others.

"In view of that, the MUI has appealed to all community members in Indonesia to follow the basic principle of the nation, the Pancasila (state ideology), which is the ethical basis of statehood and nationhood and a reference of behavior. Pancasila (five principles consisting of belief in the One and Only God, a just and civilized humanity, a unified Indonesia, democracy led by the wisdom of the representatives of the People, and social justice for all Indonesians) is the reflection of religious and cultural values that have already been rooted in the life of the Indonesian community," he remarked.

The Jakarta Provincial Administration on Monday refused to extend Alexis hotel permit, following rumors that it had been hosting high-class prostitution services, in North Jakarta.

"We are firm; we do not want Jakarta to be a city which allows prostitution practices," Baswedan stated in Jakarta City Hall on Monday.

A warrant on the closure of Alexis Hotel and Griya Pijat Alexis (massage center), issued on Oct 27, 2017, and signed by the Head of Investment and One-Door Integrated Service Office of Jakarta Provincial Administration Edy Junaedi, has been delivered to the Director of PT Grand Ancol Hotel.

During their election campaign earlier this year, Baswedan and Deputy Governor Sandiaga Uno promised to shut down the hotel.

The hotel, located on RE Martadinata Road, Pademangan, North Jakarta, has been allegedly hosting high-class prostitution service but remained untouched by the Jakarta administration.

The warrant, therefore, revoked the business permit of the hotel and shut down its business activities.

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