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Minggu, 10 Syawwal 1439 / 24 Juni 2018

Sydney Hijab Spark presents Muslimah dress of Indonesian designers

Senin 13 Maret 2017 20:40 WIB

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Muslimah dress designed by Tuty Adib was presented at Sydney Hijab Spark (Illustration)

Muslimah dress designed by Tuty Adib was presented at Sydney Hijab Spark (Illustration)

Foto: Antara

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, JAKARTA -- The Indonesian Consulate General in Sydney, Australia, has held a fashion show called "Sydney Hijab Spark," which featured the Muslimah dresses of seven Indonesians on the International Women's Day on Saturday (March 11).

In a statement from the Consulate General in Sydney received by Antara here on Monday, Indonesian Consul General for New South Wales, Queensland, and South Australia, Yayan GH Mulyana, said that as the fourth largest Muslim-populated country in the world, Indonesia was a repository of creative ideas. "Indonesia's creative economy, including Muslimah fashion or hijab made by the Indonesian designers, has very high sales potential in Australia. In fact, according to the Global Islamic Economic Report, the Muslim community around the world spends almost US$230 billion a year for clothing," the consul stated.

Meanwhile, the fashion show organizer, Irene Mulyana, said the Indonesian people should be proud because fashion products made by the nation's designers, which were enriched with batik motifs and traditional weaving, were not less qualified than those made by foreigner designers such as Dolce and Gabbana made in Italy or H & M made in China. "This event shows the creativity of the Indonesians and the Australians," she noted.

The fashion show featured seven Indonesian Muslimah dress designers, namely Inez Kantahuri, Lia Soraya, Lia Afif, Yemi Sudibjo, Marijana Rohmah, Rida Kartini, and Tuty Adib. The models who brought the Muslimah dresses on the show were Indonesians and a number of Australians.

Sumber : Antara
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