Monday, 11 Syawwal 1439 / 25 June 2018

Monday, 11 Syawwal 1439 / 25 June 2018

Sheikh Mustafa Hussein, Pioneer Founder of 'Pesantren' in Sumatra

Senin 11 November 2013 07:44 WIB

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Syekh Musthafa Husein Nasution.

Syekh Musthafa Husein Nasution.


REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, By Afriza Hanifa

He is the founder of Islamic boarding school (pesantren) Musthafawiyah Purba Baru, one of the oldest and largest boarding schools in Sumatra.

His name is well known all over Sumatra. A cleric form Mandailing Natal. He is Sheikh Mustafa Hussein Nasution.

His full name is Sheikh Mustafa ibn Husein ibn Umar Nasution Al-Mandaily. He was born in the village of Tano Bato in 1886 or 1303 Hijri year. Sheikh Mustafa was born in a religious family. His father, Husayn ibn Umar was a pious merchant.

Since his childhood, Sheikh Mustafa pursued a good religious education. He studied religious education from Sheikh Abdul Hamid Hutapungkut before heading to Mecca to explore the Shari'a sciences.

Sheikh Mustafa went into the holy land. He followed various assemblies belongs to leading clerics in Masjid Al-Haram. He also enrolled in Madrasah Al-Ash-Shalatiyah Al-Hindiyah in Mecca.

Several scholars who became his teacher in Mecca; Sheikh Abdul Qadir al-Mandily, Sheikh Ahmad Sumbawa, Sheikh Sholeh Bafadlil, Sheikhh Ali Maliki, Sheikh Umar Bajuned Umar, Sheikh Ahmad Khothib Sambas and Sheikh Abdur Rahman.

For 13 years, Sheikh Mustafa sharpened his knowledge in religion in Mecca. He had wanted to go to Egypt to study there. But he was following the advice of his friends in order to study just in Mecca. After several years, he went back to his hometown.

On his return from Mecca, the Sheikh began his preaching. Starting from delivering a lecture to the public, he then set up a boarding school in 1912.

At first, his boarding school was founded in his native land, Tano Bato. But a flood hit his village. His pesantren was transferred to Desa Purba. The school was later named Ponpes Musthofawiyyah, as per the name of the founder, Sheikh Mustafa.

During its development, the boarding school is better known as Ponpes Purba Baru because it located in the village of Purba Baru, Sorik Marapi Valley, District of Mandailing Natal.

In a short time, the school was attended by many young students, they were eager to be santri there. They were coming not only from Mandailing, but also from all over the country, even from neighboring country, Malaysia.

The name of the Sheikh even more famous, and the school expanded larger. He spent his time to build and manage the school.

The foundation of religious curriculum was created by the Sheikh himself. He taught jurisprudence based on Shafi'i school. The school also taught classical books. Islamic tradition was fully adopted, including in the lifestyle of students.

After building a large and well-known boarding school, the Sheikh passed away in 1955.

The leadership of the school was passed on his eldest son, Sheikh Abdullah ibn Musthafa ibn Hussein Nasution.

Currently, the school is still standing and has produced many scholars.

The current highest ranking pesantren leadership is the grandson of Sheikh Mustafa, H. Bakri ibn Abullah ibn Mustafa ibn Husein ibn Umar Nasution.

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