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About Rohingya, Komnas HAM: Invite Myanmar Buddhist to speak

Rep: C37/ Red: Julkifli Marbun
Foto: Youtube

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, JAKARTA -- Deputy Chairman of National Commission of Human Rights (Komnas HAM) Anshori Sinungan hoped Indonesian Buddhists to speak with Myanmar Buddhist. He believed there was no teaching of ordering people to do inhuman acts.

"I ask Indonesian Buddhists was able to talk with the Myanmar Buddhist. So, what is done by them properly or not in accordance with the teachings of Buddhism, "said Anshori, on Sunday, June 14.

What Indonesia has been done during this time certainly helped many Rohingyas, but according to Anshori, it has entered the realm of international issues. Rohingyas were not only need a place to sleep, eat, or other primary needs, but they were also need the legal certainty of their statehood.

The UN has condemned, Obama has also been condemned, Anshori hoped that the Indonesian government was able to present the Myanmar Embassy to immediately solve the problem of the country. So, besides Indonesia Buddhists held talks with Myanmar Buddhists, Anshori expected the government to talk also with the Myanmar Embassy.

According to him, Rohingya’s fate has been entered in the genocide, its meaning it was actually included in the severe human rights violations. In this case, the government of Myanmar should be responsible and did not protract the omission.

"We also want this incident does not happen again, and if the government itself involves with the perpetrators, in my opinion it should be processed as well, do not go unpunished, should be given sanctions," said Anshori.



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