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Loobie Lobsters and Shrimp Jakarta

Sunday, 23 June 2013, 09:00 WIB
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REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, To find this latest eating phenomenon in Jakarta, just roll down your car window when you are on the main road of Jl.Gunawarman and let the smell of garlicky and buttery seafood lead you directly into a small shop called Loobie Lobster. We refer to it as a shop only because the seating capacity here is a maximum of 30 pax and around peak hours you see will more people waiting outside for their tables then inside their air conditioned 'shop'.

Their concept is solely based on serving finger-licking barbecued sea lobsters, big shrimps, fried calamari accompanied by the local Sambal Matah and finally a helping of warm white rice. Their menu provides a combination of these dishes and their generous serves of fresh 300 gram lobsters and big shrimps as part of their signature homemade recipe, is simply the reason why people don’t mind waiting sometimes for almost an hour to try them.

We recommend that you have the Whole Lobster Platter which costs just below Rp 100,000 and is well worth your money, plus on Mondays and Tuesdays you can try the Loobie! Combo of 2 half Lobster Platter with two drinks of your choice at only Rp.90,000. A Steal!

Loobie's concept is from the same chef that brought you the Holycow! Steakhouse concept, their signature setting of very affordable good quality food, down to earth local style, simple and minimalistic family concept, with funnily enough limited seating capacity has really worked wonders so far. They open at 4.30 pm so we reckon you should have an early dinner if you do not want to be sitting outside and waiting.

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