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Lubang Buaya, the forgotten museum

Saturday, 11 February 2012, 17:50 WIB
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Antara/Widodo S Jusuf
One of diorama (on the left) shows some fragment of Indonesian history that involved PKI.
One of diorama (on the left) shows some fragment of Indonesian history that involved PKI.

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, JAKARTA – Lubang Buaya is a museum where the history of deadly coup d’etat by Indonesian Communist Party (PKI) -known as G30S/PKI- took place. Officially named Pancasila Monument Museum, the complex consists of monument, museum, buildings, and the hole where the bodies of revolutionary heroes were dumped in September 30, 1965.

Walking through the entrance, the monument erects in the middle of green field. Seven statues of army general killed on G30S/PKI stand in front of the statue of Garuda (many assume it as Javan hawk eagle -ed) spreading its wings. Inside the complex, the deadly well becomes the visitors’ favorite object. According to popular history (later the story is questioned -ed) PKI threw and buried the seven heroes, Ahmad Yani, Donald Ifak Panjaitan, MT Haryono, Siswandono Parman, Suprapto, Sutoyo Siswomiharjo, and Pierre Andreas Tendean, in this 12-meter deep well.

Other buildings, such as kitchen, detention house, and command post, become the witnesses of the killing. In those places, genuine stuffs from the communist movement are still intact. In command post, there are three lamps, a sewing machine, and a cupboard. In detention house, there are a bed, a chair, a table, and also a sewing machine from PKI.

In the location, visitors can also see a museum of PKI movement. There are several diorama of PKI cruelty in regions. The clothes full with blood worn by the seven heroes are also shown.

The visitors must pay 2.500 IDR for the entrance ticket. The parking ticket is 3,000 IDR for bus, 2,000 IDR for car, and 1,000 IDR for motorcycle. Very much affordable isn’t it? 




Reporter : Satya Festiani/Nora Azizah
Redaktur : Yeyen Rostiyani
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