Jumat, 10 Ramadhan 1439 / 25 Mei 2018

Jumat, 10 Ramadhan 1439 / 25 Mei 2018

Fire at Meranti burnt 616.4 hectares of forest

Sabtu 15 Agustus 2015 22:23 WIB

Rep: C09/ Red: Julkifli Marbun



Foto: Antara/Rony Muharrman

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, PEKANBARU –- Fires in Meranti, Riau Islands, in the last six months has burnt 616,4 hectares of forest and plantation land.

"During the first half of 2015, in Meranti, there were 616,4 hectares of forest burnt,” said the Head of Division of Forests and Gardens Protection at the Department of Forestry and Agriculture of Meranti Island, Tengku Efendi, Saturday (15/8).

According to the data compiled, from January to July 2015 there has been fires from various causes. He explained, the widest fire was occurred in the Tasik Putri Luyu, 339 hectares. It also occurred in five other districts of 9 districts in Meranti.

In Rangsang, there were 123 hectares of land burnt. Furthermore, in Tebingtinggi there were 67.2 hectares of land burnt and in East Tebingtinggi were 38 hectares.

“And also in Merbau, at least 30 hectares of land burnt. In West Tebingtinggi, 19,2 hectares of land burnt,” he added.

It was only West Rangsang, Rangsang Pesisir, and Merbau Islan that were free from fires. To anticipate the spread of fire, Department of Forestry and Agriculture of Meranti Island, has assigned 10 to 15 people to assist the fire extinguishing.

“The fires were usually caused by individual who threw cigarettes to the forest,” he said.

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