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Eight years in jail demanded for former Unsyiah rector

Red: Julkifli Marbun
Republika/Agung Supriyanto
Teachers must instill anti-corruption behavior to students since early years. (illustration)
Teachers must instill anti-corruption behavior to students since early years. (illustration)

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, BANDA ACEH -- The public prosecutor of the Banda Aceh Criminal Acts of Corruption Court in the Aceh province demanded eight years' imprisonment for the graft defendant, Prof Darni M. Daud, former rector of Unsyiah State University.

The eight-year jail demand was read out by the public prosecutor's team under the coordination of Rahmadi Agus in the Banda Aceh Criminal Acts of Corruption Court on Thursday.

In his demand the public prosecutor stated that Prof Darni M. Daud was found guilty of committing corruption by violating Article 2 paragraph (1), in conjunction with Article 18 of Law No. 31/1999 and in conjunction with the Law No. 20/2001 on corruption eradication.

According to the public prosecutor, Prof Darni received the funding for the scholarship programs of the Aceh regional development or JPD worth around Rp1.79 billion, but he failed to distribute it accordingly.

The public prosecutor also demanded Prof Darni to pay compensation worth Rp1.79 billion. If the defendant fails to pay the compensation, he will be sentenced to four more years in prison.

In addition to the demand of imprisonment, the public prosecutor will also sue Darni to pay a fine of Rp300 million. If not, the defendant will also be sentenced to another six months in prison.

Prior to suing the defendant, his stance of not supporting the government in combating corruption was a matter of concern for the prosecutor.

"Being an academician, the defendant should have set an example for others, particularly in combating corruption. The defendant also failed to acknowledge his actions," the public prosecutor claimed.

The defendant, who had a family to feed, adopted a polite approach during the trial. In addition, Prof Darni M. Daud has never been convicted.

The graft trial will continue on Thursday (Feb. 20) with the agenda of hearing the plea of the defendant and his legal counsel.

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