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Serbia to learn Indonesia's inter-religious harmony

Wednesday, 23 October 2013, 19:26 WIB
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Antara/Rosa Panggabean
Agung Laksono
Agung Laksono

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, JAKARTA -- Coordinating Minister for People's Welfare (Menkokesra), Agung Laksono hosted a Serbian delegation who visited Indonesia to study the model of local inter-religious harmony. 

"Serbia considers Indonesia as an example of religious harmony," Agung said in Jakarta, Wednesday (23/10). He added, the delegation also came to attend the second Interfaith Dialogue RI-Serbia. 

However, Agung admitted, there are still some cases occurred related to religious harmony in Indonesia. "And Indonesia will be open about it, we will not cover up anything," he said. 

Therefore, the delegation was invited to do dialogue with community and religious leaders in order to understand the condition of religious harmony in Indonesia directly. 

By the dialogue, he added, it's expected to produce a study on the role of Islam in the moral development of human civilization, especially in the country.

"Hopefully, through dialogue, the delegates can hear directly how the attitude of different institution such as government, public organizations, and communities related to religious harmony in Indonesia," he says. 

In fact, he said, Serbia want not only to review religious harmony, but also to learn the implementation of democracy, economic development and so forth. 

"They recognize Indonesia as a big country, and they respect the diversity in Indonesia," he said. 

Agung added, ethnic and religious diversity in Indonesia has similarities with Serbia which also consists of various ethnicities, races and religions. "That's why, they come to Indonesia," said Agung.

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